They were two lonely folks doin' the do's and don'ts
And got the notion together they'd be happy
Thought they'd lose the crowd and do the mess around
Decided to make it snappy
Just a twist of fate they didn't hesitate
Now they had another party to lean on
She made him jump and sang, he made her share that thing
Looks like they gonna have a ball
Ain't nothin' wrong at all
Whoa, they gonna have a ball

They got to asking what if they had to scratch-n-sniff
To find out what it is they are after
Got the ants out their pants and took the chance on romance
Made some plans to make it forever
Now several years have gone, they're still gettin' along
They know what true love is made of
Now they know that life's a trip, with all it's bumps and dips
They're gonna help one another along
Nothin' wrong at all
Still havin' a ball
Lord they're really gettin' it on

Time is on their side, they've got nothing to hide
Never had no secrets between them
He don't need to accuse her, use her or abuse her
And she feels the same for him
And those vows they made said nothing about slaves
And didn't mention rentining to own
They can take the stand that walking hand in hand
What they got is gooder than gold
Ain't nothin' wrong at all
Whoa they gonna have a ball
Yeah, they really got it all

Love is true heart's desire without it's just a funeral pyre
Got to let your true love grow, it's all you got that's gooder than gold
Let's get it on y'all